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Prof. Robert Hamilton


Robert Hamilton is a distinguished figure in the energy and power electronics sector, boasting over 25 years of experience and a proven track record of pioneering technologies. As a leader, he has helmed ventures including a NASDAQ-listed enterprise with a current market cap of $1.6 billion. Robert's innovations range from compact marine Shore Power Systems to groundbreaking demand-side response battery solutions, showcasing his dedication to sustainable energy advancements. His strategic vision has also led to the recent ground breaking development of custom battery swap technology for major projects and the establishment of a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the UK.


Academically, Robert's credentials are impressive, having excelled at prestigious institutions like Harvard University, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School. With an MBA from York St. John University and ongoing studies towards a DBA at SBS, Robert's commitment to continuous learning is evident. He has also completed programs at Queen's University and the London School of Economics, along with accreditations in law from BPP.


Beyond his professional achievements, Robert is deeply involved in societal progress through initiatives like co-founding the Bedford Free School and serving as Deputy Mayor and Town Councillor for seven years. His passion for sports and philanthropy further underscores his commitment to community engagement. Prof. Robert Hamilton's multifaceted expertise, transformative vision, and dedication to sustainability position him as a respected leader in his field, making him an inspiring figure for collaboration and progress in the energy and technology sectors.