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Mr. Mohamed Metwally

CEO and Managing Director

In his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Techera Group, Mr. Mohamed Metwally has been at the helm of our organization's transformative journey for over a decade. Under his strategic leadership, Techera Group has not only expanded its global presence but has also emerged as a dynamic force in various industries.


Mr. Metwally's visionary and innovative approach underscores his commitment to driving excellence and sustainability across all facets of our operations. This commitment is further exemplified by his dedication to continuous learning and advancement, as evidenced by his prestigious certification from Harvard University in sustainability, global safety, and quality.


Beyond his responsibilities within Techera Group, Mr. Metwally actively engages in influential industry boards and forums, where his insights contribute significantly to shaping the broader business landscape. His unwavering dedication to fostering innovation in business seamlessly aligns with his broader vision for a global economy grounded in sustainable principles.


Mr. Metwally's impact extends far beyond our organizational boundaries, resonating on a global scale and playing a pivotal role in the advancement of industries worldwide. His endeavors are propelled by a profound desire to leave an indelible mark on the world's future, solidifying his standing as a distinguished and influential figure in the business world.